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Is anyone out there?

I'm pretty sure blogging has pretty much died for most...but just in case one of you is still out there on this crazy journey with me...

I got to participate in one of THE best upfront promos for NBC. It was top secret. I auditioned by telling casting directors why I loved the show. They called and said I was chosen...but for what I didn't know. I was instructed to show up at a studio on a certain day and that was it. The below video was a surprise. The fact that the footage appeared all over the dang internet was bananas.

There was this whole thing about a moon in May bringing forth all the results from April's hard work. This was proof that those hippies are onto something. 


  1. Just so you know... I still get these and read these when you post and this was AWESOME! I have still not watched this show but if I ever have time, I WANT to binge watch the whole season :)

    1. Woman... binging that takes guts lol. When you do have tissue at the ready!


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