When You Ask The Universe for a Reset


When you ask the universe for a reset expect fire...HUGE CHANGE, SUPER QUICK.

Holy shit, friends. Remember when I got into crystals and started setting intentions; asking the universe for thangs???

(It wasn't that long ago.)

Within days I had a crazy, dramatic conversation with my manager and faster than I could say "bad pimp" home girl was terminating our toxic contract and I was free.


I left for a birthday bestie vacation soon after. I rode off into the sunset feeling new and hopeful. Then vacation ended and reality slapped me in the face.

Current mood: I am back at square one, post-manager.

I didn't even move that much! I was still waiting for the manager to help me navigate my way through tv and film audition doors.

I've been scared shitless for two days now while working in full mom mode--doing things for Z's upcoming second birthday. This has helped me chill out some...

"It's good that my auditions have dropped down. You need this time for doing life things...start working out again. Do home shit. Do life. Slay at life!"

...but I'm still feeling scared. I was auditioning twice a day, every day. Now I'm lucky to get two a week. I still have to work on my demo reel...I'm hoping to get that completed by the end of April so that I can start the scary ass process of finding a better, kinder, more successful manager who sees my dang potential and wants to help me work towards my dang goals.

Now I just need a crystal for helping me navigate fears. Anyone?


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