My Tired is Tired


Woo weeee! I've gone THROUGH IT this week, y'all. I'm tired of going through it now. I'm tired of anger. I'm tired of indifference and dismissiveness but also of the walls and the inability for all of us to listen. I've BEEN tired of the hate, racism and ignorance. My tired is tired.

The conversations are still evolving and (at least among my friends and family) it seems like we're moving into the how arena. People are finally getting that we haven't listened to and heard a large group of our neighbors, friends and family.  New conversations are beginning. It's still a big pile of poo. We still have more work to do (dear God help us all) but it's something.

I'm desperate for news that gives me hope or at the very least doesn't piss me off. Enter Van Jones stage right! Both sides get to speak and by golly what they accomplish is a start. It's a start.


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