Deserve Your Dream


"Deserve your dream." ~ Octavio Paz

I'm trying Octavio! I'm trying, damn it!

I now have a manager...which means I FINALLY get to audition for tv and film. Now I just have to stop having panic attacks every time an audition comes in. 

I've been struggling with the joy that follows all of this dream work. I'm auditioning for commercials which isn't what my dream consisted of...commercials pay the bills. They're not set up to help your craft or keep the creative juices flowing...which is why I find little joy in doing them.

They require lots of time. They require me to sacrifice work hours and family time. I'd rather save those kinds of sacrifices for the actual dreams I have. 

It's been almost 11 years, people. 

It's time. I deserve it damn it. 


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