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Shonda Rhimes named it. She was talking to the youth in the audience...the black girls still in school who are all dreams; dripping in future potential, but I listened just the same.

She was describing me. Someone who doesn't yet know her path. I haven't done anything that's noticeable...impressive...noteworthy.

I'm not gonna lie. I feel it. I constantly sense the fact that I haven't done anything yet. Shit. I feel it and I can't wait until I can put that crap to bed.

Can this just be the year I put the crap to bed?

Can this just be the year I add some actual work to my stinkin' IMDB page? Yes, I actually have one of those.

I wait for the characters I need to come alive to pop up and start talking to me. (I tend to get random inspiration right when I climb into bed...or when I hop in the's sensory deprivation. I'm not crazy. That's a thing.)

At the end of the day I just wanna make it. I am so frustrated with stagnation. If I turn up soon with a buzz cut dyed green you'll know why. #ThangsGottaStartHappening


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