What's The Opposite of Defunct?


...Because basically I'm trying to bring my blog back from the dead. 

Do people even blog anymore? I'm not talking about the powerhouse sites that are awesome businesses. I mean the interesting personal blogs that were all the rage for a hot minute. 

I'm looking around at some of the old sites I use to read religiously and many of them stopped in 2014. It's sort of sad. 

Any who, Luv and Kiwi isn't dead...yet. 

Yesterday I wrote a post asking what the heck I should do with my bad days and thankfully some good hearted folks responded and gave me some awesome suggestions.  I shall be trying affirmations, sound baths (google that magic!) and wine. Which reminds me...I need to go pick up some wine. 

Easier to write than do. Kid's currently napping. I need a wine delivery service. STAT. 

I woke up this morning still feeling the pains from yesterday. (Bad days tend to sit in my bones and leave me with aches and pains.) The kid was up a lot last night...I got out of bed and had to hit the floor running which is never good for emotional healing. No time to connect or reflect or process, but work is over, baby is sleeping...I've actually decided not to pick up the dang house. Instead I'm sitting and chilling.

I know it seems so very depressing to write about the hard times, but at the end of the day it means I still have hope... a part of me still believes some day I will succeed and I'll look back at these times and say, "See, it was hard but it's possible."

That's my pat on the back for the day...the tiny one thing that doesn't make me want to bawl: I still have some hope.


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