The Other Side

I recently heard the phrase, "On the other side of heartache is wisdom," which resonated and continues to bubble around in my brain.

It soothes me a bit...and also makes me laugh a little under my breath at the Universe's sense of humor. I've often asked for wisdom; not really cognizant of the price one pays for the stuff. Nothing like a good dramatic moment to cement a good lesson in your brain. Nonetheless it's comforting to know that at the least there's a consolation prize.

I sat at a light today staring at this elegant, elderly woman at the bus stop. In her youth I wouldn't have given her much thought, but because of her age I sat in awe... "Oh the stories she could tell...the history behind those eyes." I love a good brain filled with wrinkled experiences.

This week I've added some wrinkles. Mixed blessings I tell ya...

I've been on avail for five days. Five.Whole.Days. I've learned what it really means to be on avail. I've learned what staring at a phone can do to a person. I've learned not to pick up every foreign call that pops up on your caller ID...your agent will make the call, fool!

On the other side of heartache lies wisdom.

*New Tunes

*New for me anywho.

I recently caught up with an old friend who used to shower me with new tunes on the regular. We caught up for a bit and then got down to business. I've been on Sia's arse lately. Love her and her little dog, too! Sam Smith, Lana Del Rey and the Begin Again Soundtrack. So I shared that and he came back with The Lighthouse and the Whaler and Matt Pond. It was a good trade. I go through long bouts of listening to talk radio and then I come up for air and crave the good stuff. This is the good stuff.

The songs I'm diggin on the most:

Nine Years: Getting Closer

Today, nine years ago I set out from Middle Earth and made my way to LA. Weirdness.


Those they people who you hear so much about always say that it takes ten years in this business to become an overnight success. The thought that I'm now a year away from that magical year has not gone unnoticed.

I shot a commercial...I'm on avail for another (meaning I've been waiting around with my fingers crossed for days...walking hurts at this point.) Stuff is happening in little tiny arse steps, but it's happening.

IF I'm still here this weekend (and not on set) then I'm going to try out a new acting class and catch a workshop. It's all incredibly terrifying but I have this nagging sense that I need to keep moving ahead; scary or not. I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing in this world. I still question if I have what it takes. I still feel like I bomb more auditions than I rock them. I think that's why nine years feels so weird...because I'm not this wise, awesome expert at this point. I still feel green as hell. For now I'm accepting that as a good thing. "Keeps me humble..."

Nine years... where did the time go?

Time Flies...

One Year
Five Years
Seven Years
Eight Years

Ready Steady Go

It's happening...

Auditions are coming in; flowing like I finally hit the fire hydrant hard days are exploding with scripts to memorize, places to get to in 30's nerve wrecking, vomit-inducing, stress and I love EVERY.MOMENT.

I'm really trying to remain present. I'm really trying to savor every moment and just squeeze love into every second of every minute and thank God for the now, but like in true Tishy fashion, I jump ahead and wonder if this will continue. I get scared that I get these surges and then it'll go away again. That maybe this isn't the beginning of the good stuff. Then I smack myself and get back to loving it NOW. I'm all about the NOW. Today's now was awesome. (See how I just can't remain present? Jeez Tish!) I rushed from audition to audition while hearing texts come in from my agent "New audition! New audition!" and then I'm memorizing new lines and figuring out this and that and if I can manage...and I start to hope that I'll book like crazy and then I want to cry I'm so happy and in it like I always wanted to be.

Is this when it happens? When I start to lose hope? When I start to question the dream? Funny how life does that. Months ago I saw this woman and some famous actors in a park where Mark was teaching bootcamp. I stared for a bit and then got back to work helping the group, but I remember vividly how bad I wanted to be playing with that group...and then days later I was playing on facebook and found one of the girls who was filming in the park. I wrote her just to say it was spooky that I had just seen her...and she befriended me kindly and I've stalked her since then. I watched her give birth to a on a movie she had written...bake...I watched it all and then I started reading her blog and boom! I found this video she posted of Shonda Rhimes that made me pause and listen with the kind of intensity reserved for a good Game of Thrones wedding.

I share it with you. I thank Brandi for her blog and for the example she shares with the world. Good things are coming. Bunk winter.

Faith in Mustard

The hopeful tell me to keep the faith of a mustard seed and ish will be okay...

Some days are good. On those days I remember why I chose this particular path. I remember firmly why I want to be an actor and how it makes me feel and I'm comfortable enduring the bumps and bruises that come with that decision.

And then there are days like today when the passion God gave me for this dream is fuzzy and weak and the idea that some day I'll be on a real set making a real film about a character I believe in sounds preposterous. I'm trying to figure out how many people who have already made it would continue on if they had walked my path. Would they have kept going if it had been nine years (as it has been for me.)? Would they have given up? Would they had been neurotic enough to keep going?

My nine year anniversary is July 29th. I'll be taking new headshots that day. At least I'll be actively doing something actor-ish that day! This weekend I audition for a short film. I shoot a commercial next week. You'd think I'd be jumping over the moon...grateful for the little action I do see, but I'm old and grumpy today. I'm not sure these steps will make a lasting impact. Then I want to kick my own butt for playing in a future that I have no business playing in. Who knows what tomorrow will bring! Worrying about the future is just as bad as moping over the past.

AND through all of that we're trying to have a baby. Every time the test comes back negative a tiny part of me is okay because it means more time to get into acting...more time to walk through some imaginary door that I hope opens soon. I keep stumbling over all these stories of actors who had children and still did what they dreamed of...I watched Vanessa L. Williams' Master Class on the subject. She said she gave up Monsters Ball, a part that won Halle Berry and Oscar, to spend time with her children. You could see the calm resolve and joy in her eyes when she admitted that she was okay with the decision. Sometimes there are more important adventures... Made me feel better about trying, but still... SO.MANY.ADULT.EMOTIONS!!! So many mixed feelings make Tishy a very crazy and emotional chick.

Yesterday I ran into Suzanne Douglas, an actor who appeared in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. I approached her to tell her how much I had enjoyed her work and she was kind enough to keep having a conversation with Mark and I. She asked if I was an actor. I said yes, but man did that yes feel sad. She spoke so freely about how she'd soon start work on a project and I hung on every word wishing I could say the same. I have no idea where I stand so I can't even say so close yet so far. I'm out there blindly.

The faith of a mustard seed...

Inspired out of Hibernation


Begin Again, splitter, movie, the music

After you see Begin Again you'll understand the sweet significance of the above image. And then you'll sigh with contentment. 

It's been a long while since I've seen a movie that made me think there's a place for me in Hollywood. I watch the characters and I think to myself, "I could play that part." It's rare nowadays. Beyond my ego trying to wedge me into the goodness, it was just really damn good. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a film as much as I delighted in this one.

The acting was on point. The writing was enchanting, real, honest and awesome...and PLEASE don't get me started on the music. OH THE MUSIC!!!

I love the little movies that could. This is definitely one of those simple, perfectly executed films that had my brain sparking and reaching out for a pen to capture all the thoughts going through my head. 

I swear there were certain members of the cast that I rolled my eyes at when I saw their names featured and there were characters who I loathed and detested only to fall in love with later. Basically no matter what preconceived notions you have of any one person (real or not) you're going to leave loving their asses. All of them! The good, the bad and the douchey. 

Now I need to go study some lines. I have to be in a film such as this one day and times a wastin! 
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