With A Heavy Heart We Say Farewell to Maya

When celebrities pass I'm saddened, but it doesn't shake my universe, ya know what I mean? When I learned this morning that Maya Angelou had passed, my heart sank and grief hit instantly. I wasn't fortunate enough to meet or speak to Ms. Angelou in person, but I was able to attend an engagement she had in Liberty, Missouri years ago.

Even then, as a raging, lost young soul I was moved by her presence. She radiated a calm magic...I wept hearing her words then just like I wept last week when I watched her on Oprah's Master Class. She had that effect on me.

Jenn was able to interview her once and after the conversation ended she called me to share all that she had learned. She was fighting for the right words to describe what it was like speaking to such a force. I told her it was like standing in front of the ocean.

I stand by that still...

I don't think I'm done with my tears. I don't think I'm ready to fully accept that she's gone. If reincarnation is true; then that woman had already experienced hundreds of lives. I sadly wonder if there will ever be another like her. The infinite wisdom spread far beyond that of a normal Earthling. Like I said before; she was magic and her soul will be missed.


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