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I've been super silent lately. I have no excuse other than I've been super in my head for the past couple of weeks and didn't feel like any of it was worth discussing until I figured out what was happening.

Have you ever felt like a truly big change is coming? I didn't know if it was going to be a good change or a bad one, but I knew something was about to shift dramatically and so I turned all cerebral and started journaling a lot more...sharing a lot less. I don't know why, but the narcissistic side of blogging just seemed silly to me. I don't have to share EVERYTHING and I'm sure you don't want to read about how I stared at a wall for 10 minutes contemplating (fill in the blank.) I'm still working on stuff...still journaling and waiting for the big shift event to happen so I'm remaining mum on all that, but I AM ready to share something profound that I learned from the Fit Bottomed Girls PowHer Event in Kansas City. (Yeah!)

So this is what I learned: Accept the compliments. Accept the joy. Accept the good energy. Accept all the wonderful love that comes.

Sounds like a big fat duh, but every woman in that gym's light bulb went off when the gym owner stepped in front of us all and challenged us to just say a simple "thank you" when someone encouraged us, complimented us, etc. She gave examples of when we (as women) shrink...when someone compliments our outfits and we say, "Oh thanks, it's just something I got at Target..." or when someone says we look great and we say, "Oh thanks, but I still have this many pounds to go."

The amount of emotional clicks that little pep talk was responsible was beautiful how it resonated. Women were seriously giving the workouts their beautiful best amounts of strength and courage and they were saying thanks with joy when someone would tell them good job and congratulate them.

It was a tiny yet significant shift in energy and I loved it so much. I could feel the good vibrations days later. Heck! I'm STILL feeling the vibrations! I'm still and will from this day forward grow when someone gives the good. I will no longer shrink! I encourage all of my beautiful buds to do the same!

Today and tomorrow and the day after that accept all the good energy!

If you want to read more about the FBG Retreat you can start by clicking here. Spreading the love some more! (Can you tell I'm having a particularly lovely day?)


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