Slow (Comma) Adults At Play

Over the weekend Mark and I journeyed to a far away land called Borrego Springs...a place in California that most Cali folk don't even know about.'s like we were walking right into a twilight zone town; sticking our hands out asking for more murder please.

Fortunately we didn't receive murder. We got a whole lot of nature, rocks, sun, wind, liquor and fun times with our family. That's the beautiful thing about group vacations. No matter where you go; no matter how few options you have in the activities department you will have fun when you're with fun people.

We learned early on that everything in that dang town closes around 8pm every night. Liquor stores, grocery stores, restaurants...LOCKED DOWN, YO! Was perfect for sitting in the living room, chatting and sipping on delicious cocktails. (My favorite concoction ended up being champagne, pear vodka, coconut/pineapple juice...delish.)

It was a fun, relaxing time. I just wish we could have gotten away longer than we did. I don't know what's been up with me and my wonderlust, but I've been yearning for long trips.

Being that I just received the worst hospital bill one can imagine for dang tests that turned up nada, it'll be awhile before that long trip occurs. But it WILL happen. Oh yes, my friends!

The slots are troublesome mother truckers to get to. The picture above was taken right around the moment I started wiggin out. My version of wiggin out entails cry/laughing and frozen bug-eyed gufaws. It's not pretty.

So narrow! If Indiana Jones had been there he would have tripped a booby trap and those rocks would have smushed me dead. The gravity of that did not go unmentioned. 

Koa is a little shit who was racing up and down the slots; totally mocking my fears and worries. He stood in the light of the gods and allowed us to take an embarrassing amount of photos so I couldn't hate on him too much. Too much...

Favorite Quotes from this trip:

"The dingo ate my baby!" which led to the next...
"I feel pregnant"
"Oh snap!"
"Men like to go into the slots"
"They're slots, Tish! Not slits!"


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