Cash on Delivery: Tishy Liked it!

It's rare that I go to the theater and enjoy myself the way I did the other night when I saw Cash on Delivery at the Glendale Centre Theatre. If you live in Los Angeles and need a good laugh then check it out.

Seriously, I was laughing so hard I had to catch my cackling breath throughout the whole thing. It's a hilarious English comedy farce; great acting, fantastic writing and nonstop action. Yeah, I just described a theater production. No, I don't wear black turtle necks and no I don't smoke a pipe. (Gave it up YEARS ago.)

But now that you mention it, I do sound smart. Loving a theatre (spelled the correct way, nose in the air if you spell like you care!) production that brings all the anglophiles to the yard is priiiiit-teeee impressive.

I'm not much of a theater lover, really. Not all actors are thespian luvahhs. My aversion didn't stop me from loving this production and then some, though. Didn't stop Mark, either. I was SO waiting for him to nod off and embarrass me. (If the dude can't stay awake through action packed films such as Superman and any other movie that features loud explosions and other violent noises that would wake the dead, then there's no way he'd make it through a play.) BUT he did and he sat on the edge of his seat engaged AND he laughed AND slapped his knee like a true team player.

So see it. Then write me and we'll chat about how hilarious and great it was. Then you can thank me and I can gush for a bit and then recommend something equally as cool to do next.

You're welcome.


  1. It sounds awesome, but I haven't heard of it! I love in Maine, all the way across the country, but I wish I lived in LA! Lots going on all the time :) I do love the theater. Theater and ballet and film. Love them all! Thanks for sharing this! :)


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