Thoughts on the 2014 Oscars

My thoughts on the Oscars?...

Ellen as the hostess with the mostest was hilarious. The jokes were a lot more pointed and snarkier than I thought she'd go. It worked, but I know people were holding their breath at points.

Other than that...I WANTED TO BEEE THERE! I cried a lot. I just wanted to be there. I lost my shat when Bette Midler started singing...when Pink sang...during Lupita's acceptance speech. She's around my age so it just brought out the beasts of comparison.

Oscar night is always bitter sweet for me. I ALWAYS do that...if I were a cartoon you would have seen stars growing in my anime style.

Life's been super weird ever since I got sick. I've just had tons of time to sit and think about how hard this life is that I chose and how impossible it all looks from a couch in the valley. If/when this happens it will be nothing short of a miracle, because honestly I have NO clue how to get in front of a film's casting director. Not.A.Damn.Clue.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry that you cried! Btw: yup, Ellen was pretty awesome:) Kisses, sweetie.


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