The Birthday


My husband and Jen posted these pics together and plopped them on social media sites with really sweet messages for my birthday. It totally made my morning. 

Crazy that I almost forgot about my birthday this year. I usually start the celebrations once March hits, but that darn sick crap I had totally sucked the life out of me. Then last week I just got it all together and realized being sick had been the loneliest and most depressing time EVER so I changed my mind on that whole celebrating ish and asked ALL THE FRIENDS to come out and play. I need to see faces and talk! 

I've always loved my birthdays, too. More so than it being a day for me...I just love what it brings out in my friends and family around me. My facebook page lights up with talks of pooping, farting and other hilariously crude remarks. People celebrate all things goofy and share it with me; which is sort of the best thing ever. 

Mark has a surprise for me tonight and then we're celebrating with friends this weekend. I feel the love and welcome 33 with open arms. Heck, I welcome all numbers. They don't really matter to me being that I feel 14 and will probably always feel 14. Realization! I act and feel younger than my shoe size so I'd say this birthday is pretty much awesome. I even have a new zit friend (who I've named Pearl) who popped up to remind me of my teenie bopper status. Even more cool: today is ALSO my six month wedding anniversary. Good things happen on 13s. Just saying...

For all those March babies out there in the world, Happy birthday to you as well! Hope your day brings out the awesome in your peoples! It does a soul good... 


  1. Hey Tish, happy belated! I thought about you yesterday because you and my mom share a birthday. It's been FOREVER. Charlie from KC.


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