Deal With It

...So what had happened was...

A couple of months ago Mark and I were approached at the Rose Bowl Flea Market to do (what we thought would be) a reality tv show/game thing that involved couples doing challenges together. We agreed and went in for the audition. A couple days later one of the casting agents called and told me the whole thing was a sham and that the real audition was for a HILARIOUS show on TBS called Deal With It. She asked if I'd like to prank my husband and I swear before she could even say marital deceit I was screaming yes and giggling maniacally in agreement.

Oh how I adore a good prank...

So I pranked him...and I pranked him HAWD and it was hilarious watching how HAWD he fell for it. Marrying an actor has got to be the pits I tell ya...this isn't the first time I've bamboozled that boy. Not the second either. Sorry, Cinderfella Wonderful...You know I luuuuuuuv you.

I'm hoping that we made the cut and my glorious prank makes it into one of the episodes. Please don't let all of that be for nothing, Universe! I won't tell you what I did. No teasers, yo! You'll just have to watch and see if it airs. Starts March 19th on TBS.


If you can't view click here.


  1. I read this just in time... just turned it on & hope to see you!

  2. Pretty sure we're not in the 1st episode so record the series :)


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