Blogger Love: The Break Up Survival Guide

I haven't collaborated on another writer's blog in quite some time so my narcissistic arse was tickled green when Carmen from Shugar Love asked me if I'd like to share the tools I use to get over troublesome breakups.

Moment of truth: I've made peace with all the break ups I've had with ex boyfriends because I seriously created a full proof plan for getting their butts out of my system, BUT I still suck at friend break ups. They're still too fresh. I was both lucky and unfortunate that I never had them as young whipper snapper. In the past two years I've said good bye to a number of girlfriends, though and that break up guide book still has wet ink on the page. It's a day-by-day learning while the other contributors wrote about romantic relationships (I presume) I dove straight into a friendship break up...which, if you think about it, is basically worse. WAY WORSE!

Carmen's Break Up Survival Guide

Thank you friend for inviting me to share... virtual hugs with lots of luv and kiwi!


  1. So honored to have had you as a collaborator. I'm glad you took a different route than most. Maybe it's narcissistic of me, but I've experienced the end of several close relationships in the past few years. They are painful in a different way. I'm very private, so when I allow someone into my world, it means a lot for me to let my guard down. The dissolution of these friendships has been very sad because they were people in my inner circle who I trusted with my heart. Alas, life took its toll on our friendship and ultimately they have faded. I've mourned each and every one of them, but one in particular still makes me sad. I guess I'm not done officially mourning that one. Maybe I will always miss that friend and I've begun to accept that fact. Thanks, again, for stepping out and sharing your heart!

    1. Sister...I was nodding my head through the whole thing. EXCEPT I'm at the stage where I'm still just incredibly angry and disappointed. I want to move past that stage bad, but it's the first time I've experienced that kind of immature, mean-spirited. I've had years of peace and harmony. I never needed to close myself off or distrust a 'friend' so I'm learning late in the game (cuz I'm soooo old) and I'm having a hard time with that soon as I accept that it happens no matter how old you are then the better off I'll be! I hate it that you've had your friend heart broken too. Hugs my dear! Save a little room for goodness.

  2. Moving on after break up is really tough, and everybody needs an advice or a support to move on.


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