Available for All Things Acting!

Yesterday I had the wonderful privilege of sitting in on a film casting as the reader. (So basically I sat behind the camera and read the parts of whomever while the person who auditioned did their bit.)

It was so exhilarating being on the other side of the table; let me tell ya! I've always tried to convince myself that parts went to people based on specifics that I wasn't privy to. I tried to believe it, but I still found myself taking things personal. After sitting through a dozen or so actors acting their butts off I got it...and I loved having that experience.

I loved seeing people's choices played out. I loved sitting with the producer and director/writer as the two commented and conspired to find THE perfect spirits for the characters they wish to bring to life. I loved talking passion. I loved those hours on a Sunday afternoon. I'll cherish them for sure.

I've been trying my hardest to be available for all things acting that come my way. I just feel like I need to embrace all parts of my dream so that the Universe doesn't skip me when it's time to hand out lucky moments.

...and I can't wait for that moment!


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