When the Mista's Away...

The Tish reflects and misses him and drinks a grip of wine and watches lots of chick flicks and texts her friends and has cry-y moments with her girls that make her world even more lovelier.

Mark left for his awesome little twin time in Vail, Colorado and I missed him the moment he pulled out of the garage. I know...totally lame and girly but I did. I didn't think I would actually lol...true story: All that home boy did for two weeks was talk about Vail and snow and shredding and snowboarding this bowl and that bowl...blah blah blah. I was so ready for that boy to get out of my face with that mess...then the minute he was leaving I changed my mind.


I really do get super weirded out that I'm that girl... I like to believe nothing changed after I got married; that I'm still the same girl with the same cool laid back stance on relationships...including the one I have with myself, but I love and need Mark. He makes a night at home watching chick flicks pretty darn wonderful.

Dude gets back today and I'm doing little happy dances. I shall try not to smother him, but I make no guarantees he won't say, "Chill baby, chill!"

I don't know what this means for my gangsterness. I've been writing in my journal more trying to figure out this new me is.

Just gonna take it one lovely day at a time and revel in all things husband. I still find girls who make their man their everything and only thing lame, but I'm making room for the girl who makes room for her husband.

New chapter. Page One.


  1. Aww..I love that and I miss Balazs as well whenever he has to travel somewhere without me:) Have fun, darling and talk to you soon:) xoxo

  2. Ha! So funny. Yup, I too was that girl that had a million things to preoccupy me whenever my man would leave, but that was before I met Mr. ShuGar. He changed everything. I still feel pretty independent, but life is not the same without him. I think that's called love and it is perfectly fine! Don't worry, girlie….you're still one of the cool gals, just one that loves someone dearly. Hugs!


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