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A couple of weeks ago (way before this crazy intense bug infected me with craziness) I went to the bathroom at Arclight before a show and bumped into Punky Brewster. (Okay, so her real name is Soleil Moon Frye...but I grew up in the 80's. Home girl is Punky forever and ever amen.) 

Days after spotting the Punky, I shared a coffee counter with Ellen Page and my little demons of jealousy started barking at me. Running into celebrities is always an intensely weird situation for me. I've said before, it's not that I get star struck; I just sink into the land of questions: how did they get there? What magic do they have that I don't possess? 

I sorta, kinda want to rub them and see if the magic will rub off. A friend of mine is currently shooting a film and is posting pics of her adventures on Instagram and I swear I'm about to explode with all the questions. I finally had to reach out and ask her...I never know if that's suitable or not, but how else will I make my way?! 

Guys, how in the world do I do this? Now that my health is improving I'm back to my normal concerns...making it! I need to make it! I sat in a meeting yesterday taking notes except when I looked back on what I had written it had nothing to do with the meeting. Instead I had written, "Act already! Be an actor!,"  over and over again. Not conducive to working my way up a corporate ladder, I know, but I CAN'T HELP IT. 

This disease called "wanting to be a film actor" ...It's worse than this crazy stomach bug I have that's for sure. I want so desperately for some doors to open. Understatement of the century.


  1. Oh, dear friend. I completely understand your struggle. I see Mr. ShuGar go through the same and it is so hard. I wish there was an easy solution where if you have talent and drive, you simply get awarded with success (if you work hard, of course). I guess life isn't that way and this industry def isn't. All I can say is if you love it, never, ever give it up. Mr. ShuGar inspires me every day because I see him embody this every day.

    1. Man, you remind me of one my good's uncanny. Her husband is an actor, too. lol "Just keep swimming"...


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