Kidult Chronicles: Entry 2 (Finances)

True story:
I flipped OUT yesterday. The news that we'll be saving an obscene amount of money for a couple of years combined with not being able to go to Europe this year like we had originally planned combined with finding out my doctor and/or insurance company is royally screwing me in the arse over that endoscopy I had back in December left me in a panic over finances. 

Big time panic.

Like I gave all the change I had to a charity sitting outside of Trader Joe's and then started bawling over needing that change once I got in my car. Oh My God, Tish! Yes, freaked the EFF out might be a better desciption of what happened to me. 

Am I better today? Nooooooooo. I'm just waiting to hear if my insurance issues are all just some big huge misunderstanding that won't result in me paying thousands of dollars. I'm breathing in and out on hope and hope alone.

This whole kidult thing is terrifying me. I was okay with the getting hitched stuff. Even the baby stuff was growing on me, but now that finances are on lock down and my health insurance is bullying me into fetal position I'm code "not cool." Hoping for a huge life break in the clouds Big Guy Upstairs....I need a biiiiiig part in the clouds and a beautiful ray of light...Madonna style. 

..and exhale. 


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