Joining SAG

You know a couple years ago I met with my (then) agent to discuss joining SAG and he said it wasn't a good idea... that I needed to prove my chops in the under belly of the acting world (otherwise known as non-union gigs) before trying to kick it with the big fish. I listened and waited for those jobs to come around.

I've noticed something over the years, though. Everyone in Hollywood has mixed opinions about joining the Union: some people say they can get me work only if I'm a member while others say don't join until you absolutely have to.

I can't tell if I'm being bamboozled and when...or by who?!

Then a couple of weeks ago a friend wrote me and asked for my agent's information. She said the show she writes for is looking for actors such as myself and I was pumped! The stars in my eyes started growing exponentially. I thought it could possibly be my turn...FINALLY! She then asked me if I was SAG.


No, I'm not. Does that matter? Can't folks still hire me for a job even if I'm not? My agent sends me out for union jobs all the time so...

Haven't heard back from my friend, but I did some extra work last year that got me one magical voucher towards my Willy Wonka Day (SAG time, people! Try to keep up!) I called the SAG line and listened to a very long message about eligibility and all that jazz. Trying to see if any of the other gigs I've ever done would help, but the site's down. Oh the anticipation!

This year I'm getting into the Union. It's been eight years in Hollywood. It's time. I'm not seeing any action as a non-union minnow. I'll move to the big fishy pond and try my luck there. The fire in my butt is still burning hot, y'all. (That wasn't just a bad toot.) I want to make some waves!

Tish the Fish is coming for ya, Hollywood!

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