Day 12

Oh my God! I have the sickness that never dies!

YES! I am STILL sick...which makes for lousy writing. Something weird happens when you're on the couch for more than three days. You detach from the world. Social media becomes irrelevant. I catch myself unfollowing lots of folks I don't know who aren't saying stuff that brings me joy. Why do we follow strangers? All of a sudden that just sounds weird.

It's my life in the time of the great illness. (That's what I refer to this period as.) I swear I've never known someone could stay sick for this long with these symptoms. I'm not handling it all well, either. I needed sunshine so badly that I made Mark walk me around the block on Saturday. That gave me the courage to attempt a movie on Sunday followed by an hour of tax time with our tax guy. (Joyful)

The movie was really good at least. I was scared shatless that I'd get sick, but I made it through without any episodes. That's what my life has come to...sooo frustrating!

So yeah, that's why I've been missing from this blog. Hoping this week the lab doesn't destroy the samples I gave (like they did the first time!) Hope they find the culprit behind this stuff and treat it so that I can get back to me. Me...I miss meeeeeeeee!

12 days of sickness can SHO change a girl. I'd love to think I'm one of those pleasant sick people, but I just cry and moan a lot.

February is not my month.


  1. Twelve days! That seems cruel. Hope you're on the mend very soon, Tish (I recommend Nora Ephron movies. Lots and lots of Nora Ephron movies).

  2. Nora Ephron movies really are chicken soup for the soul :)


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