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Love is complete. Your soul mate doesn’t “complete you” – your soul mate is a reflection of you. Be whole, not a half.

So many people run around looking for someone “to complete them.” But the thing is, we are all just fallible human beings, so no one will ever complete you or live up to your expectations.

That is why it is so important to keep our eyes on The Uni-verse and Its Love for us. The Love of The Uni-verse never changes. Other people change, other people mess up, but The Uni-verse is constantly on our side, Loving us and showing us how we can grow even closer to happiness and Love.

Our aim should be to not seek and chase for Love, but to BE IT. This means self-love first. True Love isn’t setting HUGE expectations of someone else that they always make you happy and fulfilled. ~ Mastin Kipp

Mastin Kipp, one of my favorite self help gurus (I have no other word for what he does...Love Doctor?) recently wrote the above statement and while folks would assume it forced me to direct my attention towards Mark it actually made me think of my soul mate who happens to be my best gal pal, Jen...duh. 

I'm fortunate that I found her when I was young and that our friendship is so damn dope that we could grow up to form mature and wonderful relationships with our now husbands and others, based on the friendship trial and errors we went through. Our relationship is the barometer for how I conduct my love business with others; most especially my dear ole hubby dude. 

I love that I can literally talk to her about everything...if I'm upset/weak/vulnerable I trust her 100% to come back at me with genuine love and I trust that I do the same for her. That's a HUGE gift, folks. Have you ever been listening to someone and you've wanted to tell them they're wrong or that they've hurt you somehow, but you're not comfortable enough with how they might react to actually speak up? That's a scary existence to not be able to share your whole truth with another human being! I have this person who I've opened up to and received goodness in return from and I use that memory to help me through new situations with folks. 

I read the part about your soul mate being a reflection of you...not a part of your completeness and I exclaimed, "Yes, brother Kipp! You're hitting the nail on its friendly head!" 

Go out and hug a friend you can truly be yourself around. It's a beautiful thing. 


  1. That is a brilliant statement and I love your post. Seems like you have an amazing friend, lovely. Btw: that photo rocks! xoxo

  2. Well, this is a sweet thing to say about your friend! You are lucky to have her. I don't think I have a friend so much like that which I have known forever and feel completely open to. That's a blessing and I am glad you cherish what you have. Rad statement on soul mates, too =)


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