About Valentines Day...

The only googly eyes I made were the ones that came in between pangs of anguish on the potty. Y'all I have been in some kind of place for the past week and all I can do is pray and hope that whatever it is that is currently wreaking havoc on my body isn't permanent.

(I've never wished for e coli poisoning so much in my life!)

I'd like to say I've had the time to reflect, but honestly I'm out of it most of the day. I sleep a lot. I no longer like to talk about poop and fart jokes. I get it...it's my thing. People love to send me stuff on the daily, but when it's all I've done, day in and day out for days and days I start to hate it mucho. Mucho, people!

I've lost close to ten pounds. TEN POUNDS! I didn't know I had 10 pounds of poop to lose! No this is not a good thing, either. It comes at a beautiful price. I can't eat hardly anything. I've survived on pears and bananas and one can of chicken soup a day. I've had to ignore all things foodie blog because it's just too cruel.

Thank GOD for good partners. Mark has really been so good to me. Real love is standing in a bathroom with your other as they shat their hearts out and they stay even when it stinks to pat your back. Takes a special man...with special nostrils. I love him so.

Pray for good news today. My lab work hopefully comes in soon. I want something easy I can cure quickly! Fingers (and legs) crossed.

Be well my friends!

My trooper...


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