Museum Day


Over the weekend Mark and I met up with friends to take advantage of the free museum day in Los Angeles. Hitting up as many museums as possible sounded like a grand idea initially, but in retrospect I should have packed more Tylenol and comfier shoes for my buddies because that was a LOT of walking + standing.

It was totally worth all the pain, though. We hit up four in total and had a blast. I saw Matisse pieces (pieces that I've loved for years) as well as some hilarious contemporary art that left me smirking. Some thangs are just silliness. I'm not an intellectual, ya'll...I don't see the depth and seriousness of a giant bikini hanging over a door. 

The art was great. The food was fun (we hung with all vegans so we found the best places to get vegan-friendly goodies.) The company was wonderful and the different dynamics all came together under one lovely museum roof for a day of fun. It was just lovely.

I love our adventures. 


  1. What about the depth and awe inspiring, out-of-body-experience inducing art involving a hot pink wig on the floor with a disco ball on top?

    1. Ha! How did I manage to leave that out? Good times...


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