Method Man Said...

Because all great posts start out with that sentence!

Method Man said, "We can make war or make babies..."

Because I'm allergic to guns...and killing I'm gonna go with babies. BABIES!!! We're actually thinking of babies, y'all! It's the year of the actor and hopefully the year of the baby spider, too!

Don't start squealing. Read that last paragraph again. We're THINKING of babies. I haven't been knocked up...yet, BUT we are starting to do all of that really good stuff you're supposed to do when you're letting the idea sink in; we're freaking out, worrying, squealing, then freaking out again.

I know we're not supposed to talk about that stuff publically, but that's stupid. It's alllll good. It could take us a looong time or it could happen with the quickness of a Mary Poppins' snap. In the meantime I need to talk about this stuff! We've made the decision that we want to start earlier than later. I could wait until after my acting career has started, but we all know that could take a little bit longer and why not share it all with a wee one?! Couldn't think of a reason not to, but lots of reasons why so...Baby spider time!

Don't worry my fellow kidult, friends. I'm still a kidult and always will be! I'm seriously hella scared! I love kids. I really do! (Some of my greatest friends are kids.) And I really dig babies, but I enjoy feeling like I'm still 14, too. I'm keeping it real and sharing because I'm about to explode from all the fear and questions and concerns and ish and playing mum is just a practice I never understood.

Remember how I had that cruel doc who told me I wasn't ready to go off of anti-depressants? Well after getting a new doc (a female with a heart) I got off! I've been off for four months now! FOUR! I'm feeling great and balanced...It's a blessing I tell you. For anyone who knows what that darkness is like...those people know the joy I have that I'm off the happy pill and still happy. Hallelujah!

So here's to the Year of the Spider, too. Funny that I'm deathly terrified of the buggers...fitting because I'm terrified of a baby growing inside of me, too.

No more of these! Woo hoooooo! 

I'm getting your song ready little one...


  1. what exciting news! we all have and had questions.. they come with no manual we just wing it and figure it all out! you will be great!

    1. xoxo...

      Thanks for the vote of confidence, M!!!


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