Kidult Chronicles | Entry 1 (Buying a Home)

Okay so I've made a lot of kidult decisions, but since is the first time I'm labeling such choices, I'm gonna go ahead and say this is entry numero uno: Buying a Home.

Nope, we haven't done it yet, but for some strange reason Mark and I both are wracking up these life altering ideas simultaneously. Let's have a baby! Sure! (That hasn't happened yet...don't pee your pants.)

Let's buy a home! Okay!!!

...How do we do that?!

That's where we are right now. We have fun friends who have been most helpful with introducing us to the right people. Our tax man (who is brilliant and affordable if you need someone) introduced us to a woman who is at this moment combing through our finances to see where we stand on the whole thing. How much we can afford, yadda yadda. This is a huge part for us being that we live in Los Angeles--THE place for whackaliciously expensive homes that are 700 sq feet and cost a million dollars. I shit you not, my friends.

So once that's done we'll start to figure out what kind of home loan we want. Who knew an FHA is considered taboo to some sellers! Also, my grandpa was a tax lawyer and is brilliant at all things financial. I asked him about using 401Ks for a down. I could hear that man's screams from states away. That would be a big fat, very bold, emphatic "HELLO NO, Tishy!" Don't do anything that results in a penalty (and messes with your old people fund.) Got it, Gramps. You da man.

So yeah...HGTV lied to us! We thought a magic fairy would come around and plop money into our laps and tell us we could use that to purchase and decorate our home. Mwahahahaaaa. Oh how naive we kidults were and still are.

We're learning...and shaking in our boots. Any suggestions, guidance, love...please send! This will be an ongoing adventure I'm guessing.

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 This is the ideal abode. Need an ocean front, but in the valley because we love our 'hood...for $150,000: Credit:}

A girl can dream illogically, can't she?


  1. You are barking right up my tree.. but just a few states away!!! :) I hope it all goes well and smooth for you guys! Congrats in all your kidult decisions!!


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