I've Got Dreams To Remember


This director I follow on Instagram posted a message about not asking, not dreaming, not hoping; just doing.

I'm not gonna lie. I took it a bit personal. (Total ego since she has NO clue who I am!) This town, this business...well, it's all about hopes and dreams. Until someone shows me the door you walk through to start the whole physically doing portion of the plan then this is what I've got.

I attended my first acting workshop of the new year Saturday. It felt good. I had a couple great moments...and some bad ones that I was able to sniff out while in the process of performing. Sometimes I can't get with the scene: I can't understand what's happening or I just can't relate for whatever stubborn reason. I'm human and I know my limitations, but I also know I'm damn good when I do "get it." That was a beautiful moment when I accepted and embraced that I'm good.

I'm damn good at this. It's the Year of the Actor, damn it! My year!

I'll be prepared when the magic comes. Hope some of you Luv and Kiwi veteran readers will be there when it happens. Here we go!


  1. It's totally your year, sweetie:) I know it is! Happy New Year, love. xoxo


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