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I watched Spike Jonze's latest film; Her, a bit ago and I was compelled to write about this artistically awesome, fantastically futuristic fantasia of a film.

The gist: Man (Theodore) in a hipster-perfect, colorful futuristic Los Angeles decides to enter into a relationship with a computer operating system. Yes, sounds geeky, I know. Mark refused to see this flick with me because he couldn't get past the idea of a dude falling for a computer, but I knew if Joaquin Phoenix committed to the film it had to be more than some nerd dude doing unforgivable things to a voice in his laptop. So I went with a friend who was interested in seeing it, too.

I was correct (btw) about the film. Mark's loss. It packed all of the goodness required to make me first swoon and then fall in love with a film. (Queue Computer Love!)

Reasons Why This Film Wins

It was visually stunning. Every time I saw lens light or a solar ray I'd sigh in delight. I loved the skyline shots...I loved ALL THE SHOTS! I could see Spike's background in music videos popping out. He shot a love poem in moving pictures. Well done, good sir! Well done!

The emotional vulnerability was unexpected and enthralling but I can't lie; I was uncomfortable when the film first started. I'm not used to people sharing such honesty...like the raw, beautifully vulnerable feelings that you wish folks would divulge, but never really do. It's films like this that drew me to acting. I love participating...sharing in the honestly that you normally never really experience. People spend more than half of their lives hiding, filtering... This movie poos on filters and demands an intimacy that I haven't seen in film for many, many moons.

THE Amy Adams, Ms. Powerhouse actor extraordinaire. She was simple in the most spectacularly amazing kind of way. I loved every scene she appeared in. In the film she stars as Theodore's neighbor and friend; a plain Jane who's able to captivate the audience with a Hollywood magic that I am so desperately trying to learn. I love her character choices. I love that she chose this woman with this story. 

The love. You know how you watch a movie and you can't figure out how the two leads fell for each other? The love story wasn't rich enough to make believers out of us?...Well this was written by a man CLEARLY in need of professing his love to someone. Possibly Sofia... He spared not a word or sentiment. I loved every word Spike wrote for Theodore and Samantha (that would be the computer operating system) I saw them fall in love. I heard them fall in love. I felt them fall in love. He thought of everything. He got everything! This is clearly a man who's gone to therapy and knows how to use his words. 

{All photos from IMDB}

I wanted more. Lots and lots more. It's been hours since I've left the theater, but my mind is still spinning with all ideas; how I feel about people and technology...people disconnecting from human interaction (as I sit here typing on my computer.)

A friend recently asked her Siri if she was "Her" and Siri had a great reaction. We're almost there y'all...almost.


  1. You're right! We do agree on the film! I too think Amy Adams rocked it out. Major girl crush. Oh, and I love your theory on maybe Jonze wrote this thinking of Sofia…..hmmm…..I kind of like that. Overall, this movie makes you think and makes you appreciate the love you have in your life. Great message & so artfully portrayed.


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