Early LA Morn


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I woke up before my alarm...like three hours before my alarm so I figured I might as well get dressed and go work it out in the gym early. As I was getting back into my car, post-workout, my alarm to wake up started going off...and I felt like a muther trucking bad arse. 

I can't do that every day, but when it magically happens on its own I'm a happy girl. Apparently the early bird gets ALL THE THINGS DONE! 


  1. I actually love days like that! If I could, I'd start off my day going to the gym instead of going after work. There's something rad about sweating when the sun comes up. However, the getting up part is tough. But, look at how beautiful our city it! Makes you wanna do it. You work it, girl!

    1. Makes me wanna a little... lol I'm a morning person, but a lazy one. I need mad food under my belt before I can beast it out, but sadly I'm a bird eater in the morning.

  2. Those are really the best days....So well done, sweetie. xoxo


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