Women and Hollywood

I was a movie watching fool this weekend. (That's the perfect cure for cold weather!) Without even trying I chose three goodies with female empowerment themes. Yes, even Frozen did the darn thing.

Frances Ha

My buddy, Twinkie, told me to see this movie. I recommended it to Jen without even having seen it myself, but yesterday I finally watched and was relieved that I recommended a good one. Talk about a good friendship movie! Let's not have a dude come in and save the day. Let's just watch a woman live life...and deal with it sans savior with a weenie.


I'm not gonna lie;  I'm a cartoon nut. I don't need littles in order to check out the latest animated flick so it was nothing out of the ordinary for me to skip right on over to the Arc Light and sit with a bunch of adorable littles to watch. The movie was so cute. I loved that Mark laughed multiple times and sat on the edge of his seat; totally immersed in the stuff. (The Disney magic got 'em.) The story is great. Don't want to ruin anything. I'll just say Disney is getting smarter about women and how littles see them. No more damsels in distress. The brass ring ain't the ultimate prize, yo! PS I'm obsessed with the snow man. I need a pet snow man in my life now! Josh Gad is amazing! (and special note: I used to compete against him in high school debate and forensics.)

Does anyone else like to listen to children comment during the movie. Some adorable and smartie fartie kid behind us kept commenting about which parts were interesting...which parts weren't and how sad it was when one of the good guys found him/herselt in a pickle. Double the laughs. Make sure you see during kiddo hour. Seriously.

Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley

Where do I begin...Well first of all Whoopi is my idol so anything she creates, goes. She directed this beautiful documentary about one of the comedic greats; Jackie "Moms" Mabley. Had to check that ish out. It totally reminded me of a class I took in college where we studied folks like Red Fox and Richard Prior. I'm a history (specifically Black studies) nerd nut. I just can't get enough of learning and I love the approach Goldberg took. Moms started on the Chitlin' circuit and made her way up...She broke down Moms' career; the key comedy clubs she went to...her comedy and the powerful change she brought; disguised in jokes. You just have to watch it. It keeps playing on HBO. She influenced the likes of Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin...I love when other greats give props. It was nice and heart warming. She's still hilarious and relevant all these years later.

Girl power.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Cant wait to see Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley! Whoopi is an amazing talent and EGOT club member.

    1. No problem sister! Let me know what you think! I was in heaven and bravo for knowing her EGOT status! ;)

  2. I so want to see Frances Ha now. Thanks so much for the recommendations, darling. xoxo


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