When Christmas Spirit is Needed the Most

I write with a heavy heart tonight...

One of my friends with THE most beautiful spirit is going through something terribly, heartbreaking and difficult. Something I wish with all my heart I could heal and help with, but I can't. I just hope that what I preach is true...that waves of love and warmth and positive intentions come flooding towards her and that she can literally soak it up and let it all coat her heart and help her through this time.

If ever there was a moment when Christmas spirit and love was needed it's now. My prayers, my magic, my thoughts, cyber hugs...they all go to her.

Christmas is special and joyful and wonderful for lots of people, but it can also bring pain and sadness for others. Because of this fact I give as much goodness as I can when I'm out and about. I hope you do the same. Smile lots. Give extra. Love harder.

Mark and I are having a quiet Christmas this year followed by a semi-impromptu holiday getaway. I don't see myself writing all that much so Merry Christmas now, friends.

Hug your loved ones. Tell those who aren't in hugging distance how much you love them and show them you care. It's the perfect time to pray for a little magic and wish for a Christmas miracle.


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