The Power of Empathy

You know I never could put my finger on one specific thing that distinguishes a great friend from the rest. After watching this adorable short featuring Brene Brown and her words of wisdom I now see what it takes. It's empathy!

I've always been an empathetic person. As a small kid I'd see someone being sad and I'd break down into tears. I'd actually meet them in their sadness. I never looked at it as a curse or something to avoid. While it was painful and hurtful at times it wasn't enough to leave someone in their sadness...and I've kind of existed in that way ever since.

I watched this video and the light bulbs went off. Watch out for those who say "Well at least..." You make think they're being kind and they could possibly be trying their best, but it's not the kind of best you need. You need people who "see" you and embrace you...those who don't think you need to be fixed or saved or any of that dramatic stuff.

Remember that. :) It's good to know!


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