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Many (okay hopefully a lot of you) know that my dream has always been to act. Tish must act! Tish loves to act! Tish = actor! With that being said I need your help. In my last post I mentioned how I sent a desperate message. Well that desperate message was received! And it was responded to! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 

The gist: Over the weekend I wrote this talent manager who has the mouth and proverbial balls to get me through some acting doors. Doors that have remained invisible to me these past eight years (doh!) Her name is Marki Costello. (Recognize that famous last name?) She's got a show on E called "Drama Queen" right now. I tweeted her asking how I could submit myself. She tweeted back her email. I emailed her so fast I almost shit myself and then today I received this response: 

SO HERE'S THE DEAL. We are getting so many wonderful emails from all of you who are watching the show and who are so beautiful and talented, and have wonderful dreams of succeeding in Hollywood. As I always say, it's SHOW BUSINESS with a big emphasis on BUSINESS. I only succeed in my business when I find talented people who are just as hard working and just as driven as me.. people who I can partner up with and with whom I can create an EMPIRE......with their talent and my knowledge, it is a winning formula for success. But most IMPORTANTLY, their work ethic has to match mine - now THAT IS WHEN YOU HAVE A WINNING COMBINATION. So with that said, it would be amazing to have someone who possesses all of these qualities for season 2!! I'm reaching out to you to see if you have what it takes to be on season 2 of The Drama Queen as talent or as an on-camera EMPLOYEE. The biggest mistake people make is, they think being talent is just red carpets and glamour. But what it really is, is HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. So we are challenging YOU to show US your hard work and dedication. We are looking to see who truly believes they have what it takes to match our work ethic and passion, and be a part of the CMEG team. We are asking you to now concentrate on the BUSINESS OF SHOW.. Whoever gets the most creative by spreading THE DRAMA QUEEN WORD -- whether it's by emailing everyone in your data base, tweeting every person you know ten times a day, passing out flyers in your local mall, or Instagramming pictures or videos -- we want to see it all! YOU WILL SEND US SCREENSHOTS OR SNAPSHOTS Of your hard work and creativity and I will fly in 4 of the finalist to have a meeting with me in LA for either an on-camera employee position for season 2, OR as a client on my roster who I can manage and develop into a STAR. So get busy and get creative and SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT! 

Here are the deets - 'The Drama Queen' airs every SUNDAY at 11/10c on E! Check your local listings and make sure to DVR every episode, so you don't miss out on the crazy, the chaos, and the HARD WORK, that is Hollywood.

So I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna work hard and pimp the living SHAT out of myself and I'd ask in the next coming weeks if you could help. I've emailed some of my brainiest and media savviest friends and asked them to help me figure out a way to pimp the show and me being on that show. Hopefully I get a clever ole hashtag soon. I ask, dear wonderful friends, if you could help me out by passing this blog post along...telling people to read it via email. Re-tweeting my posts about getting on the show and working with this team. Helping in any way you can to spread my word. 

I'm crying as I write this because I want this SO bad. It takes a village to get into this business. I know some of you have actually never seen me act...haven't even read all of the posts I've wrote over the years declaring my undying need to be in a great film. It's my dream and I'm hoping maybe you empathize with dreamers. Wouldn't it be great if you helped me and I did make it through those doors and you did see me living out my dream by being in a film?! Wouldn't it be cool when you heard me talk about this challenge and how you helped me to fulfill my life long wish?! How many people can say that triumphantly?!  

So I'm asking for lots of re-posting, sharing, and help!  Who's with me?! 

Can you see the hopeful pleas shooting out of my eyes? I'm telepathically pleading with you to help! 


  1. Your a beautiful woman, I was introduced to you by a family member of yours to look at your site here (Linda, in Missouri) and when I first saw you I was thinking, This woman has the looks and that smile I would see in movies like with allot of Humor or even episodes on TV which go on for a long time, You just have that look. I believe you will make it far and hit that big screen. I am a big Movie buff and also watch some real good TV shows such as "The Blacklist, Sleep Hollow and The walking Dead" Your not the Walking Dead type, your more of the Blacklist FBI agent kind of girl I see in a show like that or in Sleepy Hollow as one of the charters from Sleepy Hollow before Ichabod Crane came to the new Sleepy Hollow. I also see you , well picture you in Disney movies.. You just have that look and well I don't want to say Good Luck because everyone says that. What I want to say is, May your Journey to the big screen be quiet joyful....


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