Hollywood Happy!

I'm in the zone right now!

There's now a facebook page where I hope each of you lovely readers search for and 'like'. I'll use the page to share progress, discuss the show, share acting information I learn about and audition details.

Even if you're not into the whole Hollywood scene this is just a chance to watch someone go after their dream. I'll be cooking up the most honest "Behind the Scenes" I can legally (you know Hollywood can be quite secretive sometimes!)  share with you.

Someone had to tell it like it is! I wrote a book about all of this a couple years ago. It fizzled, but my wish to act in film never wavered for a minute. Apparently I'm supposed to tell this story. I was just using the wrong medium!

Thank you all for the support. It really does come down to numbers. I've never attached my worth to my twitter followers, but I will attach some importance to the number of hits I get for this campaign. I have to show this woman that I mean what I say and I say what I mean!

So if you feel like helping a dreamer...seeing some magic unfold then stay tuned and like and share as much as you can!

Sincerely with Luv and Kiwi,


My twitter handle: @LuvandKiwi
Instagram: @LuvandKiwi
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SupportTheDreamer
Marki's Twitter handle (tweet her! Let her know you believe in Tish!) @MarkiCostello


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