Happy Birthday Man Bestie!

I have a man bestie. He's been my man bestie for many, many moons and I love him dearly.

I love him for a variety of reasons; one of those because of his birthday. He's a Friday the 13th baby like I am. We share the love of 13. We fight over the seat in the movie theater. He high fived me a gazillion times for incorporating the number into our wedding.

He's a great friend. I took him out to lunch yesterday to celebrate (He took today off to enjoy his day so I had to catch the fella early) and celebrate we did. We feasted on Mediterranean food...then grabbed frozen popcorn. It was a good, fun day. It love spoiling the folks I care about with little gestures of kindness. I'm sure the lady behind the counter at the popcorn place was confused. She's seen me in there with my husband before, but there I was gushing with another guy. What can I say; I'm a lucky girl. I'm blessed with boys. I was the secret sister in Little Women. Jo was jealous of my tomboy ways and booted me from the book.

Happy birthday D. Love you, dude. Glad you were born. Keep pimpin'.


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