Desperate Reaches

I don't know when I became that desperate girl who sees a director or writer or producer or agent and starts in on the Tishy campaign, but I am. I'm trying my hardest to find someone who both a.) can open doors in Hollywood and b.) believes I have what it takes to walk through those doors.

Enter my latest action. I wrote a successful talent manager on Twitter and she wrote me back and told me to send her my 'stuff'. I always hang my head in shame when folks request this. I have no 'stuff'! That's why I'm desperate and reaching out to people on the twittersphere. You have to show work to get work, but you can't get work unless you have work on your resume. So should I lie?! I can't lie. So I just plead and cross my fingers super hard that these people I'm reaching out to see some 'something' that fills their brains up with my potential.

It's Christmas time, which means we've been plopped down on our comfy couch with apple cider all weekend watching movies. Not just ANY movies, either...CHRISTMAS MOVIES...with lots of magic and feel-goody heart pulling stuff that makes me want to act and be apart of that even more. I'm itchy and ready and impatient and ...and... and...ugh.

You always hear the stories. Some huge, successful actor was just minding their own business when some agent or director saw them and plucked them from obscurity and plopped down in a new world of film and awesomeness. This happens! I've read the story too many times to count. So I'm just hoping that can happen for me.

To be continued...


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