Christmas With The Aranas

Oh, how I Luuuuuv me some Christmas! I love the energy, the sweet sentiments, the twinkle lights and the magic. My favorite thing to do the day after Thanksgiving is prepare the home for the holiday. My home comes alive...warmth enters and the whole place becomes enchanting. I keep apple cider on the stove simmering on the weekends. I'm like a serious Christmas nut. 

I don't mess with "beautiful Christmas themes" or years of change. I'm all about colorful lights and ornaments that mean something. I want to be able to one day sit with my little spiders in front of the tree and explain where each ornament came from and what it means to us as a family. My mom did that for us (although she now does tree themes...silly mortal) and I loved the tradition.

So we've gotten ourselves a pickle ornament, which I will adore using once we have kids. I love pickles, but I loved them even more once I found out that in some cultures placing a pickle ornament on a tree was a family game. You hide it among the branches. The first little to spot it gets a special 'extra' gift. GOLDEN GREENY AWESOMENESS! 

I also ordered one of the last stinking "First Christmas 2013" ornaments on the planet. That thing was ridiculous to find, but oh-so necessary. As for the base ornaments. No "all white" trees or all this or that. It's all about tradition and growth...My tree will not discriminate lol. All colors are cool. Arana Christmas Code. Word to your mother.

The pickle!!!

The Year of Mish...there's a hashtag for Pete's sake. Date's important, yo!

Even the wrapping paper and supplies are random and lovely. The theme is not to have a theme.

I suck at wrapping. Seriously, but I love presents under the tree enough to keep trying.

The Goddog was apart of the Christmas setup. 

Be a deer and rock some Christmas spirit.

Mark sprinkles his spiderness when he can.

Letter! (Close cousin to WERD!)


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