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I have this nasty habit of panicking when the library doesn't have the book I want to read so I start selecting books down my reading list line until I hit the jackpot. Only problem with that is I end up with bunches of books all at once when they come in. 

That happened to me this time around. I have three books currently sitting on my coffee table. I am reading this BEAUTIFUL book called, Randy Lopez Goes Home, that I've been wanting to read for years and Mark is reading one of my other wish listers, How to Be Black. (I haven't seen him this invested since the Hunger Games, y'all. He's not a big reader like I am.)

I can't say too much about Mark's choice since I have yet to touch the dang thing, but my book by Anaya is breathtakingly beautiful. Each word is a morsel that I gobble up. It's magical surrealism meets Chicano awesomeness meets The Alchemist. If you're looking for magic this is the book. It's been awhile since I've gotten lost in both a story and the writing. Was needed, homies...was sorely needed.

He's learning about my peoples! least I hope that's what's happening.


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