A Simple Thank You

I always have time to stop and reflect. Yes, "The Marki Challenge" (as I'm lovingly referring to it) is HUGE! It's SO MAJORLY IMPORTANT, LIFE CHANGING! but and there's a big but (hee hee) I always strive for balance with Hollywood. I believe being a great actress involves being open to the world. You can't live in a silo...I love people! I love life and I will tell anyone that I get my juice and passion for the craft from my love of people and human emotion...behavior.

So...all that to say yesterday I was in Marki's Challenge, but I took a couple hours to connect. I wrote a haiku to my bestie. I told her how much she means to me. I opened the sweetest thank you letter from my Goddaughter and picked up my phone to hash over how wonderful her little heart is with her mama.

People who I love dearly are starting to get their thank you's for attending and/or supporting our wedding. I cried quite a few times while writing those letters. (Maybe that's why I was so touched by my Godchild...she's like her GodMama!) Truly being thankful...sitting down and allowing the love people showered upon Mark and I are on our wedding day to seep in...it's an emotional explosion of goodness. How often do you get to witness that sort of love?

I've gotten texts saying folks are tearing up...I took some time to love and shower my friends and family right on back. It was a day of gratitude and love. No matter what happens in life, I have these moments and happy tears. There's something comforting and endearing about that.

Life is goooood. Real goooooood.


  1. That is so beautiful, Tish and life is great, indeed:) Muah


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