A Scary Nap + Awesome Dreaming

Tomorrow I'm having a procedure done that requires me to "go under" for a couple hours. That TERRIFIES me.

Nope, not getting plastic surgery done. Getting my lovely guts looked over to find out why I've been having issues for the past year and some change. I've written about my issues on Fit Bottomed Girls a couple of times....I'm healthy as a horse. My GI doctor adorably gushes over how awesome my body runs. She says I should frame my numbers (don't tempt me, woman!) but I still have crazy pains that I'd like to nip in the bud.

So bring on the endoscopy! A tiny little camera is going to travel from my throat and explore my gut and organs to figure out where the problem is chillin. Remember that totally awesome movie, Innerspace? I swear that's what it's going to look like. Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid are going to enter my body and then I shall sneeze them out at the end. It shall be epic!

It shall also be scary. I don't really enjoy being put under. The last time I went under was for a foot surgery a couple years ago. I wrote this long letter to my loved ones...my version of a living will and I'll do the same this time. It drives my husband CRAY, but I can't help it. I've lost folks! Things happen and if they do I want people to know how much I loved them and all that jazz.

So. Wish me luck! Full recovery and solution to the tummy problems! Wish for a great wake up followed by Ellen personally calling me and asking me to be the Christmas sloth she's been dancing with for the 12 Days of Christmas. Then Marki Costello will call and say, "Tish! Glad you got involved with helping the show grow. I'd love to represent you! Can you meet with my crew on Monday so we can talk about your brand and how we plan to pimp you out in 2014?"

This could all happen. It's Hollywood, after all and I am the QUEEN dreamer.


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