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I went and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last week and was blown away by the beauty in that film. The writing, the acting, THE CINEMATOGRAPHY! Ahhhh! It produced a brain implosion!

Any who, I walked away from that theater with one word lodged in my head; quintessence. This word comes up many-a-time in the flick and the very nature of it and what it means to the film was enough to make me giddy with knowledgeable delight. According to the ever so wonderful Merriam-Webster Dictionary, quintessence is the essence of a thing in its purest and most concentrated form.

...So it got me thinking.

What represents the quintessence of my year? That's a hard one! It takes time! Well, at least I thought it would, but then as I sat staring at the beautiful San Franciscan skyline it came to me: Mark is the quintessence of my 2013. (Big fat duh! I married the man, so I'm glad that one was a no brainer!)

This has been a year of exponential change. Relationships were pulled apart (sometimes harshly) and dissected. I made some discoveries and learned how to say no and yes when appropriate. Then I did a lot of personal self-investigation. I got down to the roots* of me and honored those roots appropriately. (*Those magical roots that tie me to the Earth; keep me grounded and guide me.)

All of that root examining changed me. I changed. Totally booted the old me and luckily, Mr. Arana (AKA Mr. Spider) was okay with the new me.

Basically...in a nut shell...

He lets me love him the way I know how to love. (I'm no expert. I am a pretty damn good loving person 90% of the time, but then I can also be a selfish, stubborn and might I add gangsta human being other times.) So him letting me love him the way I know how is a HUGE thing. Not everyone likes the way we love, ya know...

So he's my "it."

...And this is the picture of him that really sums up all that love and importance I hold for him. I took this picture of him while we were on top of the island of Maui. Frigid cold, but stunningly beautiful; the sunrise was amazing...but all I could look at was my darling husband. Says a lot. This shows my love in its purest, most concentrated form.

I love him...like Universe large...tons of galaxies within galaxies kind of love...onion-y love-lots of layers that sometimes make me cry. When I was a kid I created this theory (in my head) that people love to snap lots of pictures of the one they love. I grew up and proved that theory correct.

And now my 2013 Year in Review. I love doing this every year. I get to relive the good stuff...share with you how I saw life for the past year. Happy New Year, friends.

{Music from the About Time Soundtrack: How Long Will I Love You by Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney & Ben Coleman}

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