One Up is All I Need

Last week was good, but in regards to acting it was a bit of a bummer ball.

I had an audition that didn't pan out and while I get a lot of auditions that don't lead to work it came at a time when I was questioning what the heck I could possibly do different to get work. How do I become a mover and a shaker? So those thoughts combined with a bummerific audition sent me to the land of self pity. I hate that land! I swear if it truly existed it would look like the hell from What Dreams May Come.

She's swimming in her own darkness! DON'T SWIM IN YOUR OWN DARKNESS!

So yeah I was swimming in my own darkness while simultaneously flipping through instagram and came across a director whose work I admire. I was thumbing through his pictures and came across one I liked...was about to "love" it when I noticed he had left some information for an actor to contact him...It just felt like I had been dropped a gift. I picked up my laptop and started typing to him.

A long and thoughtful period later I was done and crying...CRYING, Y'ALL! It's such an emotional path to choose....acting that is. So many few ups. BUT hopefully by taking that initiative I create an up that is worth the eight years of down.

A bit of hope was restored and I didn't feel so bad about that audition. I'm praying, crossing fingers, hoping and a'wishing that the director finds my email and takes heart in my plea.

Come on dream!


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