I Am Grateful...Thank God!

You know what?! I feel like being grateful today. And by that I mean something's open in my heart and it's sending little synapses to my brain and telling my noggin to wake the hell up! Look around! Smell the roses! Look at my own green grass!

My brain was totally down for the cause and started rattling off gracious thoughts.

I am grateful for Erin who has been hashing out the third season of The Walking Dead with me. I love how she looks at the show...how invested she gets. She invests like me! I cry, damn it! I feel for those people. I get mad...I jump up on the couch and scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!," at the TV. It's deep.

I am grateful for my sweet ride, aka Gatsby Whoopi Goldberg Arana, aka The Prius. To be able to drive my dream car is kind of a big deal for me. It's not often my actual dreams come true. I was scared when I got Gatsby I'd lose that magical obsession I have with him. Nope. Still worship everything about him. He's the bee's knees.

I am grateful (and this is a big duh) for Jenn who seriously dishes out THE best, THE most uplifting conversations each and every day. Our conversations are personal, poignant, emotional, intelligent (sometimes) immature when they need to be...ego-driven when they need to be and free of judgement.

I am grateful for my dude who replaces the empty rice milk carton with a new one when needed. Who loves my friends and takes care of them for me. Who watches Walking Dead with me and doesn't jump ahead. Who gets me frozen popcorn. Who tries Vegan dishes...the list goes on man.

I am grateful for minestrone soup on a grey day.

I am grateful for this vegan, low acidic, gluten free cold coffee stuff I found from Whole Foods.

I am grateful as HECK that it's Friday.

I am grateful that the burning in my chest has subsided. Dealing with some major acidic/heart burn issues.

I am grateful for cute pups, sweet babies....anything that makes me coo.

I'm grateful for Twinkie's cupcake word challenges. I love words! I love Twinkie! I love being creative and thinking of fun words!

I am grateful for this feeling pushing me to explore what I'm grateful for.


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