A Virginia Woolf Plight | Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies

I'm about to get real hippity dippity on y'all. You have been warned.

So back in college I studied Virginia Woolf and her theory that we have androgynous minds. (Well, we have both female and male energies in the brain.) That idea stuck with me. I see the battle of the brains duking it out; people dealing with their androgyny as they try to survive in a world chalk-a-block full of societal queues and pressures that demand we act like our private parts dictate. 

(i.e. Having a vagina means you must love pink and love all things girl.)

This is sooo far from what I am. I tried out for a game show recently and I had to describe what type of person I was. I described with triumphant pride my boybian characteristics. I am this weird version of tomboy; sprinkled with a little tiny bit of girl. While I identify with dudes a lot I still manage to have this caring, empathetic nature that is stereotypical dudette. I also dig nail polish and beauty products

I write all of this as a preface. The other day I was seriously sick and tired of female energy. I wanted nothing to do with talks of clothes, makeup, boy troubles and other stupid crap that women go on and ON about. I wanted dude time! I wanted quiet, pertinent dialogue with a man. I needed sports and conversation that lacked innuendo, passive aggressive crap and hidden agenda.

I texted one of my guy pals and exclaimed, "We HAVE to hang out this weekend! I need man time!" and I felt better. I love it that my husband thinks this is perfectly Tishy natural, too. He knows I'm not one of those lame girls that keeps guy "friends" around for ego boosts: "Oh he has a crush on me, but I just want to be his friend." 

Blah...blah girly blah. I need that masculine energy like I need air! 

Setting up a man date with Don helped a lot. I instantly felt my shoulders relaxing. My anxiety and annoyances dispelled. Then I fixed my hair, put on some makeup and painted my nails a beautiful shade of red and felt like a million bucks. 

...I am Virginia Woolf's theory to a Tishy T.

...and the perfect mix of my sides


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