Twinkie is Coming to Town!

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This charming sister from another mister (and mama) comes to visit me this weekend!!! This is Twinkie. I've mentioned her before, but I haven't seen her in many moons.

Background story: We met through a mutual friend. He swore I had a twin and I, being obnoxious about uniqueness, swore it wasn't possible. Then I met her. She named her dog Kiwi. She's a mixed chick like me. Her name is Nicole. Her partner's name is Ryan. My name was SUPPOSED to be Ryan Nicole, but my mom changed it at the last minute to LaTisha Che'nelle. (Still perplexed by that one, Mo.) Basically, the dude wasn't tripping. There are many other odd similarities that make us uber cutie patootie twinsies, but I'm sure you get the gist; we beez alike.

We plan to see a great flick (that we actually both agree on...our movie tastes differ dramatically!) eat some crazy, fun food and catch up like Heinz.

DC is in the hizzzouse!


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