Cat Fail Sail | The Human Reenactment

Sometimes you feel like a nut...

The last time my play sis, Michele, came to visit we sat looking at hilarious YouTube videos for a good while. One of those funnies happened to involve a cat. I swear I'm not usually a cat gusher, but this video can make the bluest of days swell.

 I decided to take that joy a step further. If I remind Michele of this cat fail she promptly sends back a joyful response. Thought I'd up the happy ante. version of the Cat Fail Sail was born!

Can I just say I love my husband. I told him I needed his help recreating the epic cat video and without hesitation or judgement he picked up my camera and got to work. Gotta love a man who supports the weird and creative. I adore him.

Naturally 7 | Acapella Awesomeness

Last night Mark and I supported a friend in the arts by attending a concert he was involved with. The group, Naturally 7, is a cool acapella "Voice Play" group that is touring with Michael Bublé. I had no idea what these dudes were like going in. I just thought it was some R&B stuff. I haven't been to an intimate venue in quite some time though so I was down for some newness.

I was a bit blown away by the sounds coming out of these men's mouths. There are no instruments. It's all them...which naturally meant I stood there with my mouth open the entire time. I may have drooled. May have possibly...

Then they did a cover of Come Together by the Beatles and I went ape SHAT. Then this Coldplay still my heart.

Emotional Catch

Yesterday I played emotional catch with Mark. We avoided a really scary, life-changing car accident by inches. It was the kind of moment when my breath suddenly caught (for what seemed like a lifetime) and when I finally came to and realized I was screaming...much in the same way I did when I came to after getting my fingers ran over by a minivan...the gasps caught in my throat and prevented the tears and shock from flowing out of me.

It caused a weird energy for the rest of our car ride. He'd catch  a case of the blues and then sling it my way. I'd play...I'd catch the ball...hold on to the pain and grumpiness for awhile while he felt better and then I'd sling the grumpiness right back at him. 

I don't know when we finally both dropped the fear and moved on, but I was keenly aware of the emotional catch we were playing. 

One of my wonderful sisters, An, texted today asking how it felt to be married...

Today I caught a sobering moment that made me think of my relationship in a new way...forced me to answer her question in a new way. When you get married your awareness changes. I didn't think anything had changed, but that game of catch definitely shook me and produced a fear in me I wasn't ready for. I have to be responsible for someone else's demeanor? Oh God!

I'm newborn status when it comes to marriage. This I know for sure. 

I Am Grateful...Thank God!

You know what?! I feel like being grateful today. And by that I mean something's open in my heart and it's sending little synapses to my brain and telling my noggin to wake the hell up! Look around! Smell the roses! Look at my own green grass!

My brain was totally down for the cause and started rattling off gracious thoughts.

I am grateful for Erin who has been hashing out the third season of The Walking Dead with me. I love how she looks at the invested she gets. She invests like me! I cry, damn it! I feel for those people. I get mad...I jump up on the couch and scream, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!," at the TV. It's deep.

I am grateful for my sweet ride, aka Gatsby Whoopi Goldberg Arana, aka The Prius. To be able to drive my dream car is kind of a big deal for me. It's not often my actual dreams come true. I was scared when I got Gatsby I'd lose that magical obsession I have with him. Nope. Still worship everything about him. He's the bee's knees.

I am grateful (and this is a big duh) for Jenn who seriously dishes out THE best, THE most uplifting conversations each and every day. Our conversations are personal, poignant, emotional, intelligent (sometimes) immature when they need to be...ego-driven when they need to be and free of judgement.

I am grateful for my dude who replaces the empty rice milk carton with a new one when needed. Who loves my friends and takes care of them for me. Who watches Walking Dead with me and doesn't jump ahead. Who gets me frozen popcorn. Who tries Vegan dishes...the list goes on man.

I am grateful for minestrone soup on a grey day.

I am grateful for this vegan, low acidic, gluten free cold coffee stuff I found from Whole Foods.

I am grateful as HECK that it's Friday.

I am grateful that the burning in my chest has subsided. Dealing with some major acidic/heart burn issues.

I am grateful for cute pups, sweet babies....anything that makes me coo.

I'm grateful for Twinkie's cupcake word challenges. I love words! I love Twinkie! I love being creative and thinking of fun words!

I am grateful for this feeling pushing me to explore what I'm grateful for.


I haven't been the most consistent lately...

I've been battling the dream beasts and reading this phenomenally, totally wickedly cool book. Both kept me away from the computer and reality for that matter.

First the book! Ready Player One is soooo good! I totally had a 14 year old geek moment with Mark last night about this story. It hooks you from the very beginning. I haven't been this hooked on a book since Hunger Games. While Hunger Games was totally a let down once I hit book two though, this ish is just keeps getting better and better. I love books that do that...the kind that hook you fast and fill your mind with nothing but book plots, words and ideas. When I'm not reading the book I'm twitching a bit. (It's that kind of good.)

The other distraction or whatever you want to call it is the whole acting thing. I finally got up the courage to ask a friend who's in the industry (doing quite well for himself) if he'd be willing to help me get an interview with a big talent agency here in town. I have an agent, but she's a commercial agent. She can't and won't help me ever land a film and since that's what I want from this good ole world then I have to keep pushing ahead.

Pushing you know how exhausting that is? Eight years out here basically running around in little circles. It's frustrating to no end. Ironically it makes it hard for me to apply myself  because I've hit so many dead ends. Oddly enough, it was someone else's dead end that lit a fire under my keister. An old friend from acting classes found Mark and I's wedding pictures randomly while searching for something else. He emailed me to catch up and send congratulations and we began to chat. Turns out he put acting aside, moved to New York and is now working on a new creative project outside of the industry.

It was a shock because this guy was SO amazing in class. He's got that kind of intensity that you expect from an Al Pacino...without the shouting. (wink) This is where good actors' dreams go to die...they give up because of how stupid hard this shat is. Never mind that they're incredibly talented. I got scared hearing his change of plans. I know he's happy and totally cool with his decision, but I internalized that move with the quickness.

I could see myself shaking my head no as I saw a door that read, "Exit" and I wasn't, no way no how, gonna walk through it. That's the difficult rub. This is torture. Being helpless and lost, but knowing I can't give up. It's the proverbial rock and hard place scenario.

I wrote my friend. I wrote that director. Help me God, PLEASE allow those reaches to lead to something!

One Up is All I Need

Last week was good, but in regards to acting it was a bit of a bummer ball.

I had an audition that didn't pan out and while I get a lot of auditions that don't lead to work it came at a time when I was questioning what the heck I could possibly do different to get work. How do I become a mover and a shaker? So those thoughts combined with a bummerific audition sent me to the land of self pity. I hate that land! I swear if it truly existed it would look like the hell from What Dreams May Come.

She's swimming in her own darkness! DON'T SWIM IN YOUR OWN DARKNESS!

So yeah I was swimming in my own darkness while simultaneously flipping through instagram and came across a director whose work I admire. I was thumbing through his pictures and came across one I liked...was about to "love" it when I noticed he had left some information for an actor to contact him...It just felt like I had been dropped a gift. I picked up my laptop and started typing to him.

A long and thoughtful period later I was done and crying...CRYING, Y'ALL! It's such an emotional path to choose....acting that is. So many few ups. BUT hopefully by taking that initiative I create an up that is worth the eight years of down.

A bit of hope was restored and I didn't feel so bad about that audition. I'm praying, crossing fingers, hoping and a'wishing that the director finds my email and takes heart in my plea.

Come on dream!

My Wedding Day

Two months...

It's crazy how slow the days of our engagement were...Ever since the morning of our wedding day time has been rushing by; crackishly fast...maniacally fast! We received our wedding proofs the other day and I've spent hours upon hours flipping through each shot and reliving that day. It's been heaven.

I have zero regrets on hiring our photographer. Jason and I go wayyyyy back. I always knew I wanted him to capture the day and I'm thankful Mark was on board from the get go. It's where we focused a majority of our budget. Some people focus on food and cocktails while others are all about the venue or dress. You always pick something that's your something. I love to document. I love capturing moments through photography and boy did we get some good documentation! So without further ado, here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

Donut Snob, wedding treats, wedding desserts

We had a tiny simple carrot cake for show, but the REAL dessert was Donut Snob minis. They were SOOO perfect and scrumptious. People were oinking out!  Just the way we planned it... While it was stressful at times, I am so glad we went with these particular donuts. The manager was so kind. They usually don't deliver outside of the Los Angeles area, but one of the drivers had family up in Northern California so they made a special trip just for us. It meant the world...and the world to our guests' bellies. 

Jason Lee, Photography, wedding, bride
custom chucks, chuck taylors, converse, green

It had to happen. I can only do serious and "bridal" for so long before my inner goof has to break free. No Jimmy Choos or designer anything for me. I wanted to be uber Tish on my wedding day, which meant custom Kelly Green chucks. Boo ya! (I got custom chucks for Jenn as well.) 

When Mark proposed he offered me two things: a ring and a little pin that said "You're the bees knees." Love that he kept the theme going. It's one of my favorite compliment for friends.

green bow tie, bow tie
twins, identical twins, wedding

Have I mentioned that my husband is an identical twin? It's frickin adorable. They're alike in every kind of way two dudes can be alike. Mike is Twin A, though and Mark is Twin B, which means Mike is the older brother. Mark totally acts like the baby of the family. It cracks me up how two minutes can change a man...or men.

panache bridal pasadena

This is Scarlett, my lovely dress. She was heavy like a muther trucker, but she was uber fun to wear. I always had this kind of dress in mind. I wanted poofy and pretty...something I could wear chucks with, but still look bride-y in. I went to Panache Bridal in Pasadena to find her. I would have traveled even farther. She was worth it and then some.

Jcrew wedding, bridesmaid dress

Girls get so caught up in having a huge bridal party, but I really wanted to keep it to a tiny minimum. While I would have loved to have my best guy pals (D and Fat) and my childhood friend, Leigh Anne, standing up there I just kept seeing Jenn and Mark's twin so I had to go with the gut. I just needed my "best woman of honor". 

These two pics are of my mom and dad. The first is my mom...who I lovingly call "Mo." People assume we're lesbian lovers more often than mother and daughter. Someday mixed chicks and their families will be more comfortable for some folks' psyches to handle. For now I just pinch her butt or walk arm in arm with her and giggle as people stop and stare with bewilderment. The second is my dad. (Sure you probably figured that out, though.) I love his grin. He's such a shy, cute fella. He's been in my life since I was four; helping to shape the chick I am today. For heaven's sake, he's the fella who got me hooked on all things toot and poot related!

bridal bouquet

My biological father died when I was a young girl. I always said if I got married I'd carry a picture of him in my bouquet...a way for him to be able to walk me down the aisle. I kept my promise. 

Tiffanys, Tiffany & Co. , Gatsby collection, pearl necklace, pear

My beautiful friend Glenda let me borrow her pearl earrings for the wedding so my something borrowed was some kind of special and sweet. The single pearl was a gift from Mark; my very first Tiffany necklace. What can I say, I've always been a sucker for that blue box.

My play sis officiated our wedding. It was practically perfect in every way. Loved her attire. My lady brought it!

officiant, friend as an officiant
kiss the bride
fit bottomed girls, fbg, fit bottomed bride

My wonderful sisters took part in the ceremony. Filipino weddings consist of three parts: the giving of the coins, placing a veil over the couple and placing a cord around the couple. They were responsible for the cord.

We found the most perfect poppers for our entrance. Once we were introduced by the DJ, our guests let 'em rip. It was pretty awesome I must say. Thank you Chinatown Summer Nights for giving us that glorious idea.

willy wonka
guest book idea
first dance, wedding

"Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination..."  Our first dance was from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There was a touch of fun whimsy in everything we could possibly put it in.

mother daughter dance
father daughter dance

I surprised my mom with a special dance. She used to always sing to me "Coat of Many Colors" by Dolly Parton so I had the DJ find that lovely song. It was only right.  My dad and I danced to "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys. When in Rome, I say! The lyrics and the vibe were perfect for our beach wedding.

best friend dance

Jenn and I have this little tradition. For her wedding she surprised me with a special dance to "Count on Me"'s our song so I had to keep it going! We start out dancing just the two of us and then let the husband join in. It's like Charlotte from Sex and the City said, "Maybe our girlfriends are the soul mates." They certainly are.
nontraditional wedding cake

Mark's Jersey boys. 

thriller, wedding dancing

Steph is my dancing partner in crime. Whenever we're at the same wedding we're joined at the shaking hip. 

jwlphotography, j w l photography, jason lee

This is Jason...our wonderful photographer who captured all of the wonderful pictures you saw above. Of COURSE we had to get a picture with him. People were coming up to him at the reception wanting to meet him. He's sort of a big frickin deal. Check out the site that made me fall in love with his work. You'll see why.

{Photos by: j w l photography}

Twinkie is Coming to Town!

Twinkie, Best friends, besties, mixed chicks, mixed girls, long distance friends

This charming sister from another mister (and mama) comes to visit me this weekend!!! This is Twinkie. I've mentioned her before, but I haven't seen her in many moons.

Background story: We met through a mutual friend. He swore I had a twin and I, being obnoxious about uniqueness, swore it wasn't possible. Then I met her. She named her dog Kiwi. She's a mixed chick like me. Her name is Nicole. Her partner's name is Ryan. My name was SUPPOSED to be Ryan Nicole, but my mom changed it at the last minute to LaTisha Che'nelle. (Still perplexed by that one, Mo.) Basically, the dude wasn't tripping. There are many other odd similarities that make us uber cutie patootie twinsies, but I'm sure you get the gist; we beez alike.

We plan to see a great flick (that we actually both agree on...our movie tastes differ dramatically!) eat some crazy, fun food and catch up like Heinz.

DC is in the hizzzouse!

Sticks, Butts and Auditions


Do you ever have those days where you're the only thing beaming with positivity; surrounded by dismal drab?

Usually I can handle that ish on Mondays. I don't blame people for walking around like there are really painful sticks stuck up their butts. Today I couldn't handle the grump and it put me in some kinda mood. 

The only cure for such misery is doing my own thang. I went and got a matcha green latte from my favorite coffee shop. I started reading a good book. I washed the sheets in the guest bedroom. (I'm weird; I know it.) AND I got an audition notice for tomorrow. I'm thinking the audition notice was my turning point if we're going to be completely honest. 

It's all about the dream. 

Hashtag No Filter

fall, luv and kiwi, fall back, time change, night sky

Don't ask me how I captured this. I was playing around with my settings and out came a photo completely stinking with filter~ness. Yet doctored it is not! 

The extra hour may have come with a cruelish breeze and darker days, but it's opened up a whole new world of sky shots for me. Silver lining BooYa! 

November comes 
And November goes, 
With the last red berries
And the first white snows.

With night coming early, 
And dawn coming late, 
And ice in the bucket 
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn 
And the kettles sing, 
And earth sinks to rest 
Until next spring.

-  Elizabeth Coatsworth

My Kind of Gangster Girl


...Prepare yourself, Mark. I have a strong feeling our future little spider will be like this phenomenal little crumb snatcher. 

Mercury Retrograde

It all started when my cell phone starting clunking out; totally on the fritz...

Mark and I had THE weirdest weekend and I'm totally going to chalk it all up to mercury retrograde. Don't know what that is? Too hippity dippity for you? Here's a great description I pulled off the web. So now that you get all that could possibly go wrong you can begin to understand why I chose THE PERFECT craziest time to punk my husband for a nationally televised show. (Until we're given the clear I'm not allowed to discuss the show's title or what happened specifically.)

I can say however that the prank I chose totally flipped his wig and left him contemplating my sanity and our marriage. I laugh now, but when he started to walk me through the feelings he experienced at the time of the event I began to cry because I learned just how serious he was about leaving my behind. HE WAS GOING TO LEAVE ME, Y'ALL! Once this bad boy airs I'm going to come back to this post. I'm going to remind you all to watch and then let it sink in that he was going to divorce me...just so you know it's not a hoax or staged. lol...I sacrificed for those pranks I pulled, man!

Lesson: Do not prank your husband during mercury retrograde if your husband isn't aware that during mercury retrograde your wife or significant other can and will act strange.


So where does that leave us? Cell phone on the fritz...husband seriously freaked out by weird wife...oh yes! Weird communication. So yeah we were lunching with some pals of ours who have a sweet young cherub who I lovingly refer to as 'Smush'. I was holding Smush as we walked in to get seated and this dynamic personality of a man walked up to me and the baby and started gushing over her. (Gush over Smush...hee hee) He mentioned that he was this crazy important writer in Hollywood. I took one look at my husband and magically communicated with him silently that I was totally about to pimp myself. And I did. I told him I was an actor and if he ever needed a fun actress to work with to hit me up. Hey! I can do table readings! He paused. Looked me dead in the eye and said, "You shouldn't be doing that. You should have representation who does that for you. Do you have representation?"

I said yes.

"Well who are your represented by? They should be doing that for you."

I was a bit taken a back but laughed it off and said I'd make sure to tell my agent that. (If you're presented with a chance connection with someone do you not take it?! My agent handles a LOT of different folks...I don't expect her to pimp me while she's eating lunch.)

So I sat down a bit weirded out, but I was with friends and a cute baby so I just shrugged it off. That is until him and his dining partner started talking about me LOUDLY.

"She was so rude...why would she do that?" (said the girl he was with.)

"I don't know, but she shouldn't be. She needs representation. She's a beautiful girl, but still..."

My friends and I sat there in total shock. We whispered back and forth, "Is this dude really talking about me?!"

YES! Yes he was! His communication wasn't as great as we would have hoped. Loud and unfiltered. I felt soooo uncomfortable! Ugh!!! You all have no idea!

Later he came back over and gave his email address and his agent at The William Morris Agency...THE biggest and best agency in the biz. I know you're thinking I should have crumpled up that piece of paper and gone about my day, but this is Hollywood!!! You DO whatever it takes and you NEVER burn bridges. lol

I'm not a casting catch entrepreneur, but I will take a little Hollywood snottiness and unfiltered uncomfortable conversation if it gets me through important doors! Shoooooooooot. I'm an actress with a dream. I held the back of a large cardboard display as my idols walked on the other side posing for the red carpet. I have no pride or shame left.

BUT...I will not be contacting him until after this damn mercury retrograde is over and done with! Come November 10th I'll be on that piece of paper like a Kardashian to a camera flash!

A Virginia Woolf Plight | Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energies

I'm about to get real hippity dippity on y'all. You have been warned.

So back in college I studied Virginia Woolf and her theory that we have androgynous minds. (Well, we have both female and male energies in the brain.) That idea stuck with me. I see the battle of the brains duking it out; people dealing with their androgyny as they try to survive in a world chalk-a-block full of societal queues and pressures that demand we act like our private parts dictate. 

(i.e. Having a vagina means you must love pink and love all things girl.)

This is sooo far from what I am. I tried out for a game show recently and I had to describe what type of person I was. I described with triumphant pride my boybian characteristics. I am this weird version of tomboy; sprinkled with a little tiny bit of girl. While I identify with dudes a lot I still manage to have this caring, empathetic nature that is stereotypical dudette. I also dig nail polish and beauty products

I write all of this as a preface. The other day I was seriously sick and tired of female energy. I wanted nothing to do with talks of clothes, makeup, boy troubles and other stupid crap that women go on and ON about. I wanted dude time! I wanted quiet, pertinent dialogue with a man. I needed sports and conversation that lacked innuendo, passive aggressive crap and hidden agenda.

I texted one of my guy pals and exclaimed, "We HAVE to hang out this weekend! I need man time!" and I felt better. I love it that my husband thinks this is perfectly Tishy natural, too. He knows I'm not one of those lame girls that keeps guy "friends" around for ego boosts: "Oh he has a crush on me, but I just want to be his friend." 

Blah...blah girly blah. I need that masculine energy like I need air! 

Setting up a man date with Don helped a lot. I instantly felt my shoulders relaxing. My anxiety and annoyances dispelled. Then I fixed my hair, put on some makeup and painted my nails a beautiful shade of red and felt like a million bucks. 

...I am Virginia Woolf's theory to a Tishy T.

...and the perfect mix of my sides

Halloween | The Aftermath

Sometimes you know something magic is coming, but you're unlucky in magic moments and fail to capture the dazzling act.

I am not one of those poor blokes.

...Just proves if you keep your trigger thumb ready you can get even the most elusive of entertainers on tape.

Halloween 2013

Background: I caught this for Instagram last night. Basically my fool of a husband loves to beg me to watch scary movies with him...I give in...he falls asleep and I'm left watching and peeing in my pants in solitude. It's not cool...I woke him up for this one! It was wayyy too scary to watch alone. (The movie, not this tiny clip of him in action...although he did see it and laughed his arse off, too.)
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