Year of Mish


Yesterday marked our one month wedding anniversary. Crazy that I'm so big on the dates considering I can't recall any other anniversaries we have. I'm not a date girl...At all. I feel pushes to reflect on this whole marriage thing since it's such a big to do and all. 

This is what I wrote on instagram:

People keep asking me if it feels different. It doesn't, but it's because I knew from the beginning that Mark was the guy I had been looking for all along. We knew each other in a past life...I went into my wedding day with the mentality that I was repeating something I'd already done time and time again. So when I say it doesn't feel different I actually mean it feels like it's always felt... It's warming, familiar, wonderful and fun in a Mish-only kind of way. Love me some him.

...And that's pretty much how it is. 


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