Myself as a Friend


“Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognized yourself as a friend.” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Only a friend would know how to cheer me up with THIS (above pic) when I'm having a poopy day and by golly, I always give myself this pencil when I'm having an off day! Ipso Facto, I am a good bud to myself. 

I'm in one of those weird zones where I feel like something I can't quite verbalize is amok. Sometimes I think I need a dramatic hair cut. Other days I feel like I just need to paint my nails, see a good flick...SOMETHING to shake me out of this weird funk. 

If I come back with a poodle 'do and some crazy mani...well, you've been warned. Is this why many a bride chops off her locks once she gets married? Am I being cliche? Ewwww. 


  1. You know what could help? A good spa day with a whole evening of chocolate eating and movie watching:) Hope you feel better soon, darling. xo

  2. You know I felt better after a little nail polish change and some sunshine. Funny what changes our tides...


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