My Extraordinary Ordinary Life

I've written about Elaine many a time. She's a great friend and my Goddog's mama...pretty awesome, I'd say.

Yesterday we met up for a sneak peek movie (About Time) which I can't wait to rave was just SUCH a beautiful and great movie that I will totally recommend to all those I love in life. I may or may not have signed something saying I wouldn't discuss it. (Maybe I really should read those contracts a bit more often, huh?) So I'll refrain from discussion until it gets closer to the actual release date (November 8th) Anyways, it was just groovy experiencing such a feel good movie with a person I adore as much as her.

After the film we came back to my place for dinner: a yummy sweet potato dish and these marinated chicken drumsticks. We feasted over wine and sang soft rock songs that we found on an infomercial at the top of our lungs. (Mark looked at us with utter bewilderment and then retreated upstairs...our voices were just too beautiful to behold for long periods of time, apparently.)

This couldn't be helped, though. It's always fun listening to classic rock with her. We share some crazy similar childhood cultural experiences so when I hear another human being my age belting out The Eagles I get a little excited.

It was a good time to laugh and share. We discussed some stories about some personal stuff that connects was just one of those really great date nights with my friend that made me feel grateful and then some.

It's good to have wonderful women in my life. Darn toot'in appreciative and grateful. Women like E make my extraordinary ordinary life fun enough to write about. Gotta love muses.


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