For Women Who Are Difficult to Love

Warsan Shire - "For Women Who Are Difficult To Love"

This moved me. A dear friend sent this to me. After listening to this poet's beautiful words I melted into tears because all of it is refreshingly honest and empowering. 

Sometimes I sincerely loath being a chick. Aunt Flow sucks balls, that whole lack of upper body strength...but then stuff like this reminds me of how beautifully spiritual and magical we are. 

Makes me want to have a slumber party, put wreaths of flowers on each girls head and bow to them out of respect.

Danielle LaPorte recently defined "Divine Feminine" as: Rapturously loving. Fierce compassion. Ruthless discernment and boundary-laying. Curves. Milk. Honey. Inclusivity. Sexing, life-giving, soul healing. Laughter that uplifts cultures. Mother. Moon. Universal heart. Eyes that know. Home. Shakti. Woman. Yes.

We bad...


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